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My Musical Journey...

brought my first acoustic guitar from my moms catalogue back in 1987 after having a mystical experience during a Suzanne Vega concert at the Birmingham Odeon. I plucked, strummed, hammered and bashed the thing until my fingers bled and the neighbours begged me to stop. A year later I found out how to tune it, and was away creating three chord masterpieces.

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Musical Friends. Below, information on friends who I've met through music.

Aaron Yorke   
Aaron is a singer and songwriter who I met at the Songwriters Cafe B'ham in 1999. We both found common ground in the music which inspired us and have been friends ever since. Supporting and collaborating on each others work. Aaron is songwriter of considerable worth - check out his music and web site here.
My influences have been far and many over the years. Below are just a couple who have really inspired me to pick up the guitar or sit in front of the piano.

Martyn Joseph
A Welsh singer songwriter of immense personal integrity and social conscience.

David Gray
I was aware of his music long before he hit the big time. His music continues to grow,develop & inspire.

Marc Cohn is one of those songwriters who can constantly make the hairs on my neck stand on end. Incredible

More artists to be added shortly

I am currently in the process of recording my first long player. It's been a long time coming but hopefully will be worth the wait.

In the meantime you may like to check out my mysapce page where there are intimeediate recordings of a few of my songs.

I have also produced a special edition of my Homegrown podcast dedicated to peforming some of my more mature songs and poems, it's podcast 30 and you'll find it on ITUNES or my Homegrown website.

Recent Musical Discoveries. I love finding new artists and music, through doing my podcast and searching the internet I have found some great upcoming artists. Below are some of my current favourites.

The Boy Lacks Patience. Beautifully delicate piano based Scottish singer-songwriter, who debut album ill advised is well worth investigating.

Folk Off is a complication put together by Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank featuring a whole new wave of British and American  artists who are experimenting with the folk tradition. Enlightening.

Listen With Sarah is Sarah Nelson who experiments with electronic sounds and mxing audio from various sources. The results are unique, unusual and quirky.

Mistys Big Adventure   A very cool band from Birmingham. Instant pop melodies mixed with foot-tapping beats, squared by angelic horns, alongside weirdly relevant  lyrics.

Joseph Fire Crow is a Native American flute player. His music represents his peoples historic traditions and speaks to the heart.

Stillman. When listening to the production on Stillman's recordings you wouldn't think these perfect pop songs had been created by one unsigned guy at home. Amazing.

This list will be added to and changed as more musical discoveries are made.