@ sixes & sevens

Every bone repels like a magnet
At your silly games
Iím in traction toward a city
So I can be moulded in your name 

You want me to dance like a puppet
While you pull all the strings
Act out on your stage
As you look on in the wings 

Am I worth more
Than this humiliation?
If I play the fool
Will you respect my reputation? 

Itís a circus of servants
All at sixes and sevens
Juggling curios & credos
For a place in heaven 

Such a strange evolution
A genetic masterpiece
The world is your oyster
If you can tame all the sheep 

I am worth more
Than this fabrication
My eyes are open
To your manipulation 

So fear is the lie you told
From ancient antiquity
History may changed your name
But you look the same to me 

And as I sit here in this room
Trying to find a piece of humility
I know there can be no belief
In a system of obediencey

 I wonít keep your secrets
I wonít swallow your lies
I wonít wear your labels
Or take your bribes
I wonít prey at your alter
I wonít listen to your law
I wonít rise to the call
In youíre never ending war
I wonít jump through your hoops
I wonít crawl on my knees
I wonít sell myself short
I wonít say pretty please

copyright N Treadwell 2006