F a l l

I am the leaves
Flying in the breeze
Spinning in a spiral
Dow from the trees

 I am the moon in a midnight sky
Shining in deepest blue
Reflecting onto silver clouds
The light of the true

 I am the fall
You take when you let go
The seeds you sow
In order to grow

 I am the empty park before and after
The circus comes to town
Magic filling the musky air
The ghost of a lonely clown

 I am the trick or treat
From the kid down the street
A B-Movie refugee
The only freak you’re happy to meet 

I am the fall you take
After every success
The love you trust
In order to progress

 I am the tree shedding skin
A skeleton standing high
You used to climb me
Once upon a time

 I am the shooting star
You wished upon this night last
The bang and flash of light
The bonfire you built out of the past

 I am the fall
And I will bury you
Before Winter calls
So you can rise in Spring
After the thaw


Written: Oct  2000
Copyright Nicholas Treadwel1 2003