gods work is never done

This train of sinners are fuel for the fire
Stoking the belly of a vengeful father
Heíll strike you down where you stand
Unless you place a piece of silver in his hand 

You can be reborn, wipe the slate clean
Amnesia of the soul has never been so easy
Whatever you did whatever youíve done
Youíre guaranteed a place in the sun 

They never rest
They never sleep
Cause Gods work is never done 

A knock on your door, a friendly voice in the street
Devils of deception pitching redemption
Of a greater plan and a higher cause
Itís like selling chocolate in a candy store 

He never rests
He never sleeps
Cause Gods work is never done
Godís work is never done 

Well Iíve seen what your love can do
Every soul a clone in your closed mind
Your strength is finding weaknesses
In humanities meekness

 You never rest
You never sleep
Come on have some fun
Cause Gods work is never done 

So now they want me to place a cross
On a piece of paper in a ballet box
Left is right, right is left
Down is up, up is down
And the merry-go-round
Goes round and round


copyright n treadwell 2006