gone but not forgotten

I dont know why you went away
On that longest night in May
But sometimes I think the reason
Was so wed learn to live another way 

What you took with you was hard to fill
And what you left over flowed
When I think of what you went through
Working your fingers to the bone 

Youre gone but not forgotten
We are alone but still answer to
You hear everything we say
We live because of you
You showed us the way
We feel you in everything we do 

So many things have happened here
Im sure you know every detail
I like to think youve played your part
In shaping one or two tales 

Im sorry shell never know you
I think you would like her ways
I know you always worried that I
Would find love one day 


I will remember you
When I need too
And I will call you
When I feel the need to 

Now he has gone astray
Blind to what he has made
Im sure if you were here
Youd find him another shape
So stubborn like a mule
Why cant he see hes playing a fool
I just hope he finds something you left
To reconcile his truth


Written: 2002
Copyright Nicholas Treadwel1 200