keep on keeping on

Rest your head on mine
Donít worry donít you cry
We both had a very bad day
Let me wash your troubles away 

These day jobs are only passing through
An undercurrent of the real me and you
What matters most is what we hold inside
Listen your heart must be your guide 

Thereís strength in release
Take the past and set it free
Keep on keeping on 

Some things are meant to be
Thereís a bigger picture we canít see
A little walk down the road
Can sometimes help to lighten the load 

How many times does it takes
Before the cycle breaks
Keep on keeping on 

When the shadows are long and tall
And the darkness builds itís wall
When your strength is all but spent
Your mind in torment
When thereís no one on your side
And in no one you can confide
When the days merge into one
And you get up and go has gone

 Keep on keeping on
Remember evil has not won
Keep on keeping on
The darkness needs the sun
Keep on keeping on
Whatís done will be done
Keep on keeping on
Weíve only just begun
Keep on keeping on
Tomorrow will always come
So keep on keeping on


Copyright 2004 N Treadwell