the lost highway

Walking down the lost highway
Looking for a sign
Had to make a turning
Somewhere down the line 

Mysteries were calling
Down through times eye
Searching for answers
The loneliness of why 

Well you can walk till your weary
Without seeing anything at all
You think you knowe where your heading
But your trying to walk before you can crawl

There’s a place across the border
Where you can rest your tired mind
There’s a place without borders
Where your worries will unwind

So I gave fate a chance
To place a hand my way
Took a step into the unknown
Momentum gathered day by day

You can plan for tomorrow
And never see your dream arrive
Just keep looking ahead
Never see the detours on the side

There’s a place across the border
Where love will find a way
There’s a place without borders
Where the language of the heart has it’s say

So now I’m rolling with the punches
Swimming against the tide
That’s the place where
The past and future collide

 There’s a place across the borders
Where we can loose life debris
There’s a place without any borders
Where we can find life’s lost key 

I’m walking down the lost highway…

Written: March/April 2001
Copyright Nicholas Treadwel1 2001