somebody else's you

From the cradle to the grave
We try to understand
Grab onto everything
With both hands
Possess and consume
Accume and collect
Work like a slave
For invisible debts 

Can you hear them calling
Let it go, let it fall
Let it fly, let it sore
Itís not you
Let it burn, let it fade
Let it be, let it lay
Itís not you
Donít be someone elseís you 

From our first cry to our last breath
They try to sell us faith
Handing down a message
Which manipulates
Fear and guilt
Control and deceipt
Follow each other blindly
Like a flock of sheep 

Chorus **

 From our home town, to down town
We fight for the right
To live our life
Respect despite
The darkness and light 

Chorus **


Written: Oct 1999
Copyright Nicholas Treadwel1 2003