s p a c e s

Itís quiet in here
In the space we have found
Where talk is easy
And silence is free
To roam the places
Between you and me 

Itís warm in here
In the care we have given
Where pain is healed
And frozen thoughts
Thawed to melt
In the respect weíve sought

 The silver satellite which holds sway
Over ocean, rotation, and emotional play
Has shaken the foundations of my being today

 Itís safe in here
Inside the familiar walls
Where we have grown
From being on our own
To two who know
How to make a home

 Itís soft here
In the light of youíre embrace
Where glances are steeled
From under a face
Which tells a million stories
Of a far away place

 And when I opened my eyes
I saw with a new bornís vision
Through the tedious institution of tradition

 I want to be there
Where time stands still
And the world moves around
Oblivious to our hearts sound
Beating in unison
Our feet hardly touching the ground


Written: July  1997
Copyright Nicholas Treadwel1 200