this is where we are tonight

They say there are two sides to this war
But I disagree
Iíve been watching the pictures on my TV
And all I seem to see
Is a double headed coin
Spinning out stories
In the name of peace
While the casualtiesí in-between
Continue to fall

Pawns on a screen in black and white
Win or loose
Youíll see it first on CNNís news
In depth analysis and views
While the Knights of Kings and Queens
Make all the moves
Take away any freedom
We have to choose

This is where we are tonight
Playing off of evil
Fighting the good fight
Well this ainít a place I belong
Two sides in a war
Singing the same song
The same old wrongs

And off behind the scenes hides a man
Waiting in the wings
Pulling all the strings
Re-writing the script
To suit his own needs
While the people cry out
In there darkest hour
Right on cue
Before a billion who view
Tuned in with questions lingering 

Chorus **

This is where we are tonight


Written: April  1999
Copyright Nicholas Treadwel1 2003