T r i p p i n g

So now you know
What do you think of me now?
Did I raise your expectations?
Or crawl underneath? 

Do you still respect me?
Even though Iíve opened
Or will you run for cover?
Now that Iíve spoken

I tripped again                          I tripped again
I can pick myself up                  I was to wrapped up
Take a step back                      Wearing my emotions
Take another look                    To eager to say but

Sweep it under the carpet
Donít let it see the light of day
Walk around the issue
Pretend youíre OK 

Run, walk, get lost and hide
Find a new set of rules
To instigate, to apply
Get you through, get you by 

Forgot to look back
Keep my eyes on the ground
To busy looking for problems
Instead of where my feet were found

 Chorus ** 

I can not rewrite
Do over or reset
Only add and subject
Reach a balanced effect 

I wasnít wrong
I wasnít right
I just need you to know
I did what I did despite



Written: July 1996
Copyright Nicholas Treadwel1 2003