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The written word and me...

y first foray into the literary world was through keeping a diary. I used it to record such classic moments in my life as getting caught in the act of "budding" the house up the street, snubbing my family and passing of our pet bird Morty.

As a teenager I wrote some of the most heartbreakingly desperate and bleak pieces that have ever been committed to paper.

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Favourite writers have been far and many over the years. Below are just a couple who have really made an impression on me and inspired me to write.

Robert Rankin is the quintessential English eccentric writer of  far fetched fiction. He populates his books with characters who you'd meet down the pub, but who invariably get into all manner of weird and wonderful adventures.

Whitley Strieber
is the author of several books on the alien abduction phenomenon and wider UFO subject. His books and online radio shows offer an insight into a world is rarely spoken of but extremely important.

David Icke
is the daddy of all conspiracy theorists. Don't knock him until you've read his mind freeing books

More authors to be added shortly

I do not sit down purposely to write, I wait until something either inspires, outrages or takes my interest before I decide to try and write.

I mostly write lyrics for my own music. More of which can be found in the music section of this website.

I have also written poems, stories and even autobiographical pieces over the years.

Some of my older poems have also been read by myslef on my Homegrown podcast, it's show 30 and you'll find it on ITUNES or my Homegrown website.

Another outlet for my writing has been diarys and journals which I have kept in some form or other off and on throughout the last 23 years. My latest online journal / blog is now located at blogspot.

A selection of my written works can be found by selecting a sub-category below. These will be constantly updated so please check back regularly for new pieces.


Recent Additions
News of new pieces of writing will appear here when necessary.

A  selection of my autobiographically inspired writing can be found here along with Poetry, Lyrics and other prose


Literary Pals. Below, information on friends who I've met through writing.

Andrew Newsham and I met at a local community radio station in the late nineties and found a common humour and appreciation for music and writing. Andy is a published author of several short stories, he also writes comedy and poetry. He currently resides in Chicago with his wife. Sample his works here.

Brendan Higgins
is a Birmingham based poet who I also met at songwriters cafe. His work is funny and sharply observed.