three poems of attraction

Heart skipping
Missing beats.
Mouth dry,
Shapeless words. 
Eyes flirting
To and fro.
Ears open
Searching for clues.
Hands clammy
Shaking quietly.
Legs weak
Falling fast.
Body aching
Inching closer,
Moving over,
Touching skin.

Of the one I want.
Staying away,
Keeping distance,
disclosing little,
Through fear of offending.
Leaving messages,
words on paper,
Plain and clear.
Staring from one end
Of the room to another.
In hope
That she may
Look my way.
At night,
Dreams will come.
Filling the gaps 
With all I hope.
Hard to focus
On anything else.
How can I move forward?
How do I cope?

No words exchanged today,
Just glances passed
This way and that.
I thought of you
Through morning and afternoon.
As I ate dinner
And drank warm milk.
Before bedtime beckoned
After sleep had come.
Soon, we'll chat 
Maybe chew the fat.
But not today,
This day wasn't meant for that.

 WRITTEN : 28/3/95