favourite place

You are who I run to
When dark skies appear
You are where I hide
When Iím filled with fear 

You are where I sit
And close my eyes
You are where I gaze
At the skies 

You are where I consider
The events of the day
You are what protects me
From the things people say

You are pleasant and quiet
With sounds of birds and trees
You are friendly in spirit
Welcoming towards me

 You are where I feel
Free to be myself
You make me strong
When Iím of ill health

 You are where I look
For the answers I canít find
You are on whom I depend
To clear my confused mind

 You are where I think
About the future ahead
You are where I lie
When I snuggle down in bed 

You are true and dependable
Always there for me
You hold a wonderful view
Forever there to see

You are where I cry
Smile, sigh and frown
You are filled with leaves
Every shade of yellow & brown 

You are to whom I give
My heart, soul, and energy
You are from whom I receive
The spirit of life within me 

You are like an old friend
Cherished, loved in grace
And you shall always remain
My favourite, favourite place


Written: 19th October
Autumn, Sutton Park

Copyright Nicholas Treadwell 2001