for mom

You had green fingers
A green nose
Green Feet
And a green toes

Down to Earth
With a tigers fight
You planted yourself in the ground
With all your might

You were the eyes and ears
The legs and arms
The shoulder to cry on
When life got hard

You had a million adventures
With Kirk on the Enterprise
Knew a Clingon from a Vulcan
Loved Data and Jean-Luke Picard

You wore a watch
With time to spare
If you could do it you would
No matter how big or difficult

You stored food
As a squirrel would nuts
We wanted for nothing
And won't do for months

You'd do things backwards
And nothing by half
If something went wrong
You could always laugh

All the flowers have come out now
To say thanks and farewell
You worked with the soil
And left us a rainbow

You always said
What will you do when I'm not around
Well mom
We'll learn and grow
Because that's all we can do

There's nothing more to say
Words are not enough
Your spirit will know
That we send all our love

Written May 1997
Copyright Nicholas Treadwell 2001