1. Dancing hands,
Casting shadows
On a moonlit night.
Playful fingers weaving
To and fro,
In time to a lament,
Herd in a distant hum
From a far off shore.

2. Oh how I wish
They would take on
A life of there own.
Fly around in eloquence
Take on shapes of relevance.
Call me with gestures
Genuine to trust
With all I own.

3. Healing hands,
Four finger and a thumb
Long, warm and thin.
Joined with a layer of skin.
Moving down down slowly
Through flesh and bone.
Untying knot's
Grown out of fear.

4. Oh to feel.
Coat on coat
With nothing but space
For nakedness in-between.
Silk smooth scented skin,
Ironing lines of burden,
Away with magic wands
Of infinite energy.

5. Talking hands,
Telling our future.
Through folds and creases
An essence of ourselves.
Who, what, where and when,
Then, now and a key
To what the future may be.

6. Oh to look,
Cross this palm with silver.
Look inside a head,
Seize this guessing game.
Read the purist of thought
Before we close the door.
Retiring to respective corners
Where we live in shades of regret.

7. Holding hands
In a tender grip
Of entwining fingers.
Yours, mine, yours, mine.
Blood flowing freely
From tip to tip,
As our substance transcends
All mind and matter.