I dreamed a movie

I dreamed a movie
Where I was the star
A quaint British comedy
An art house bizarre 

You were the heroin
My secret aspiration
A friendly face from life
My mind made subconscious

I was a train driver
Of a special pedigree
The passage was time
Who followed me endlessly 

Each moment we were together
Interrupted by a melodrama
I couldn’t read the signs
That would make you mine 

On the silver screen of night
I played out this plight
That you were another
And I had second sight 

And as the action followed
I wove both character and plot
Sometimes I invented so much
That I was hopelessly lost 

But as sun made light
So was my big scene
Where I told untold emotion
Was this waking life or a dream 

When all was revealed
Before my created copy
She climbed toward me
As a rose in the sun 

And now as the ideas fall away
As day brings clarity
The tether of night has broken
Your name now an empty token

Written Jan 2006 Moscow
copyright N Treadwell 2006