Lullaby Of The Wind

Just outside my window
In our nocturnal neighbourhood
The wind sings me a lullaby
As I lay in my bed

Itís voice is silent in the void
But I listen as it plays
The trees, leaves and bushes
All caught up in itís sway

Legless, headless bodies
Dance listlessly in a line
As my clock beats out a rhythm
And the swell creates the rhyme

As itís soft vibrato carries
Across this deserted space
Itís hand creeps through my window
To stroke my tired face

Itís cool touch caresses me
And my eyes begin to fall
The last thing I remember
Itís haunting unbroken call

And when Iím dreaming I hear
A beautiful harmony
Sung in a strange language
Itís meaning a mystery

But outside the serenade continues
Itís ever changing melody
Under a blanket of silver stars
Where every note roams free


Written: 27th June 1995
Copyright Nicholas Treadwell 2001