New Life
A meditation

In the book that is my memory
On the opening page of the first chapter
I trace the line of an arc
Stretching into an unwritten future
Defined only it seems, by certain laws

 The order of mathematics
The fingerprints of genetics
The biological blue print
And the chaos of physics 

But as I look through the mirror
I wonder, as all life must
Is there not some other hand at work?
Weaving its way between light and shadow

 I think I catch a glimpse of its form
Whispering confidently in the spaces
Of conventional view
A call to all who listen to every nuance
Every note of life’s rich symphony

 Every beat syncopated
Every theme harmonized
Every voice equalled
A constantly evolving counterpoint
Growing, as I will
In the womb of Mother Earths sphere

 And as I become accustomed to its voice
I shall name it my intuition
The guide I shall follow
The centre of my intelligence
The heart of my wisdom
The door I shall walk through
When returning to this place out of time

 For is not this life an age old quandary?
Dressed in new clothes
The passing of a baton
Handed down by father time
The search eternal for an elusive truth

 One defining answer
One all encompassing solution
One enlightened way
One all seeing eye

 One has only to look at the face of youth
Un-weathered as yet by life’s tide
Wide with the possibilities of knowledge
Wise beyond the learned fool
Free from the ritual of religious rule