on Show

Come see the show
Come follow the band
You donít need  ticket
Iím coming to town
Iíve packed up my quirks

All your favourites are there
Iíve polished my act
Just watch and learn 

Paste up the posters
Start the parade
Put up the big top
My tours hit town 

Iíll tell you my secrets
Iíll share with you my dreams
Youíll gasp at my beauty
When I lay myself bare 

Take a ringside seat
As I take the spot
For one night only
Iím live in your town 

Iíve rehearsed long and hard
In silence all these years
Now the curtain is rising
Itís time to perform 

Iím a one man show
A creative machine
A three ring circus
A carnival queen 

Itís an open invitation
An historic event
A new kind of entertainment
Without the expense 

Iím the jester in your courtyard
The star on your screen
Iím open for business
Iíve never been seen 

The stage has been set
The lights are down low
Come hear my small story
Come see the show

WRITTEN : 16/6/95
Copyright N Treadwell 1995