silent years

Silent years rush by
Quietly without notice
Slipping through fisted fingers
Attempting with graceful haste
To clasp a hold on the past

In youth dwells no cause
To pause for a thought
Of events infesting the future
One by one constructing a form
Moulding from the time you are born

But in shallow shadows we observe
A knowledge of the fact
That time is falling fast
Our obscurity is revealed to slow
Unfolding to late to say no

Unwillingly forced we learn
While our habit invisibly yearns
Gorging itself, filling the spaces
On empty faces in empty places
Sweet taste, no left avers to waste

Those with whom we've lived
Scorn in Jest remarks,
"It's Ok, ho doesn't speak it's his way"
States his mother while a father may say,
"She's not speaking to us today"

These cheerful quotes lift no weight
From this child's shoulder
They serve only to work in tandem
Building a fear as we get older
Impenetrable to enter or get over

Every moment that exists in time
Is occupied spent resisting the sublime
Doing battle day after day
Facing fear forces feelings at bay
Victory seemingly farther away

Occasionally there may be a glimpse
Of what is missed forever wished
Preliminary conversations go well
Bonds of friendship begin to swell
Secret tales to one another tell

Some last a life, others fade
One is all that's needed to put paid
To the infinite emptiness
That looms inevitably as the sun
Revolving round, following like a shadow

Alas it seems with every skin shed
Another forms cocooning dreams deeper
Pushing reality further
Sheltering, protecting in defence
The nervous system under constant threat