silent years

In one final desperate assault
The mind is sent crashing to a halt
Blood boiling over is set in motion
Gradually layers are peeled away
Stripped bear now nothing to wear

Now nothing except naked bone
Showing it's ugly twisted structure
Shock! Scream! Shout! Outrage!
Revealed before yourself on stage
Exits blocked locked in a cage

He's looking! She's staring!
Laughing in private parings
There pointing! There Joking!
Whispers of indecent comparings
Appearing mists of paranoid swirling

Taut the thread of thirst can linger no longer
Swelling waves of brain grow stronger
As if imploding the body gasps for air
Mind searching for sense looking everywhere
Frantically covering every crevice in desperate care

Clock strikes twelve, alarm bells ring
Temperature bursts with violent rupture
Blood boiling vessels blinding hot scolding eyes
Scared thoughts marred with Jerking sighs
Pressure pulling down on shaking thighs

Torrents of terror
Precede acts unholy to bear
Raw stance, dance in trance
Roars sore, wars more, obscene gore
A yearning for more

Halt! A knock on ones door
Nobody's at home anymore
Out to lunch I do deplore
Blank expression ends depression
Now begins the regression

"What day is it today?
Wednesday or Thursday?
Can Paul come out to play?
He moved away!!
Are you feelin' OK"

I'm twenty three going on four
My friends don't exist no more
My head feels continuously sore
No one wants to play games anymore
They Just sit around smiling at me, what a bore

Don't know who I am
Or what I've been
Don't remember anything
Of those former scenes
They talk of In my dreams