The Pyramid


Part II - My Own Private Pyramid

It is built on hope
On trust and love.
It protects and shelters
When times are rough.
It is transparent,
A mirror,
And I shine through it,
Reflecting its light,
A thousand times as bright. 

Made out of nothing
But everything I am.
The good, the bad.
The rough and smooth.
The Soft and hard.
Enclosed within,
Its colour-
Golden Autumn light
A Warm welcoming sight. 

It wonít shield pain.
It doesnít stop hurt.
It offers only a chance
To achieve all that I need.
Its balance is firm.
Its strength is cool.
Its hold is tight.
Its weight is light. 

Brave and bold,
Set in these bones,
It stands tall.
And if I let go
Iíll always know,
That my pyramid
Will never ever fall.


WRITTEN : 16/6/95
Copyright N Treadwell 1995