Bring out the Union Jack.
Red, white and blue.
Polish the medals.
Bronze, silver and gold.

Claim your stake.
Your piece of cake.
Your hand of soil,
Of Britanniaís spoils.

Dance, sing, celebrate.
Those good old days,
Of bombs and blitz,
Bodies, bones and blood.

Take your ration.
Feel a passion.
Salute the theme,
Of country and queen.

No choices.
No freedom.
No ultimatum.
Only fear,
Disguised as patriotic pride.
Your country needs you,
To die.

Forced to fight,
To give up the right,
To life.
Else face the scorn,
Die in shame,
With mud on your name.

Count the graves.
How many names?
Itís no mystery.
There are no heroes.
Learn through history.
There can be no winners,

Written: 8th May 1995
Copyright Nicholas Treadwell 2001